A prayer guide of informed prayer points from the strategic teams is compiled and sent to the prayer coordinators of each of the 30 local churches every other month. These prayer points should be specific, measurable, and Bible­‐based. As news of answered prayer comes forth, a praise report will be sent out to all prayer coordinators and to the strategic teams. This will encourage those who pray and testify of God’s increased activity in the community. It will remind us all to give praise and credit to the Lord!

This on­‐going communication between the 24/7 prayer efforts (local church based) and kingdom minded leaders in the strategic teams helps pave the way for on­‐going sustainable transformation at the local level. The result is a “canopy” of 24/7 strategic, united, prayer that covers the community and the spheres of society ­‐ every hour ­‐ of every day ­‐ of every week ­‐ of every month. May the slain Lamb receive the due reward of his sufferings!

This prayer strategy is based upon a model of prayer at The Light of the World Prayer Center, in Bellingham, Washington; who, in turn, based their work upon Tim Taylor’s: 1Church1day prayer strategy. More information about each of these ministries can be found at and